High-quality drugs, cosmetics and food to be showcased in Can Tho
QĐND - Monday, July 13, 2009, 21:38 (GMT+7)
Photo for illustration (chudu24)

PANO - The International Trade Expo titled “Drugs, cosmetics and foods go together with brand names and high quality” is to be held on August 6-12 in Can Tho,

According to the organizing board, hundreds of domestic and international firms from Vietnam, the USA, Thailand, China and France have so far registered their participation intent.

It is estimated that there will be some 400 booths at the fair. The participants will bring their best-quality products to the expo.

Additionally, there will be a series of seminars on the uses of drugs, cosmetics and foods for health, as well as trade opportunities for businesses.

Translated by Thu Nguyen
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